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Studying the Course

We have found it wonderful and inspiring to study the course in small groups and independently, as well as in a larger group on Zoom. This finished in May, when we studied the last lecture of the course together. We thought we would like to continue this process, but open it up to more people, so we invite anyone interested in our work and the conference to join.  

The Zoom meetings, beginning in June 2023, will occur every other Tuesday at 20:00 central European time and are open to anyone. We will begin each with a brief summary of the lecture given by a member of our group, followed by small group work on a sharing, discussing and asking questions. Feel free to join as much or as little as you can, there is no pressure to attend each session.  We are hoping to actively prepare for the conference by collaborating with doctors and non-doctors alike from all generations.


Please fill in the form below if you would like to receive reminders about these meetings. The English version of the course can be accessed online here

Please feel warmly invited to join us!  

The YIAM team 

Zoom Meetings to study the Course for Young Doctors:

We meet on Tuesdays at 20:00 CET, dates below.


Christmas Course

  • Lecture 1: 06.06.2023

  • Lecture 2: 20.06.2023

  • Lecture 3: 04:07.2023

  • Lecture 4: 18:07.2023

  • Lecture 5: 01:08.2023 

  • Lecture 6: 15:08.2023 

  • Lecture 7: 29.08.2023 

  • Lecture 8 and Circular Letter: 19.09.2023 ​

Easter Course 

  • Lecture 1: 03.10.2023

  • Lecture 2: 17.10.2023

  • Lecture 3: 31.10.2023 

  • Lecture 4: 14.11.2023 

  • Evening Gathering: 28.11.2023

  • Lecture 5: 12.12.2023 

To receive the zoom link and reminders about our meetings, please fill in this form: 

Thanks for subscribing!

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