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In every encounter with a patient, we meet the question: What does this individual need to realize their Karma and how can I help this to come about? The medicine of today does not recognise the soul or spirit, upholds an increasingly reductionist and materialistic view of the human being, and as such cannot provide an answer. 
In 2020 the group YIAM (Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine) formed from young people wanting to work with anthroposophic medicine. We have occupied ourselves with the content Rudolf Steiner gave the Young Doctors in 1924, as we feel the questions of the original young doctors very much echo our own. We have felt increasingly inspired by these lectures, where in a very artistic way Steiner provides guidance for a path of inner development. A path bridging the abyss between the scientific-physiological and the moral-spiritual, leading towards capacities which enable us to become true healers. This process depends on our heart forces, on developing an enlivened understanding of nature, the cosmos and Karma, on renewing ancient mystery wisdom through the Christ impulse.  
In the Holy Nights of early 2024 this Course will be 100 years old, and we want to host a conference which offers a space for commemoration of this historic event, for the sharing of experiences, and for finding ways to incarnate this impulse as a means to heal today's medicine. Our conference will be a multidisciplinary gathering with lectures and workshops where the contents of the Course can be brought to life. We also want to facilitate space for encounter and building social warmth to help each other carry this impulse forward for the next 100 years!


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Preparing for the Conference 

We want to encourage those interested in joining us, to start actively preparing by studying the Course – whether for the first or the tenth time. We have found that forming a study group and sharing questions can be a particularly fruitful way of working with these lectures. From June onwards we will offer fortnightly open zoom meetings for anyone who would like to join us in our striving to understand this Course with our hearts and minds.  Find out more information about when, where, and how to join here. And at the Medical Section annual conference in September we will host a workshop where we want to relate the questions of the original Young Doctors to our own. We also invite you to work with the Warmth Meditation as inner preparation. If you have not yet received this meditation, please fill in the form here to receive a handwritten version in either English or German.  

Provisional Programme 

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