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Young Impulses in Anthroposophic Medicine (YIAM)!


YIAM is a multiprofessional and international community of young people connected to Anthroposophic Medicine; we are also connected to the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. The first impulse for our group came when we met at the 2020 annual conference. Since then our group as grown and we have started getting engaged in some real activities. We host in-person meetings at the Dottenfelderhof, Germany and in Dornach, Switzerland and we are preparing for a conference with the Medical Section to honour 100 years of the Course for Young Doctors. The conference is called 'How do I find the Good' and will take place from the 3rd - 7th of January, 2024. More information about that can be found here. In preparation for this we are doing an open online study of the Course for Young Doctors; to join us for that, you can register here

We hope this website can be a way for us to share our activities on the one hand, as well as strengthen the network of young people involved in Anthroposophic Medicine. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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