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In-Person Gatherings

We meet in-person twice a year. Once in Spring, usually at the Dottenfelderhof, a big Biodynamic farm near Frankfurt in Germany, and once in Autumn, usually in Dornach just before the annual conference of the Medical Section. We study and discuss various aspects of anthroposophic medicine and anthroposophy in general, as well as doing eurythmy and art, as well as other activities, including singing, folk dancing, and bonfires! We also spend a fair amount of time organising the different initiatives which we manage. The pictures below give a small impression of what we do.

Would you like to join us?

We have a telegram group chat where we actively communicate with each other. Please ask for the link if you would like to join. However, the suggested age limit is around 42 years of age. This is relevant for our group chat and in-person gatherings. The 'How do I find the Good?' conference in January 2024, and the preparatory zoom meetings on the Course for Young Doctors leading up to the conference, welcomes all professions and generations (please register for those here.

Some impressions of in-person gatherings...

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