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Conference Reflection

Three years ago a seed was planted and at the beginning of this year, after giving it regular love and light, it blossomed into a beautiful winter rose. In reflection, we realised the key to our conference was the social warmth found within our human relationships. Through this activity, we came closer to the exoteric, esoteric and moral quality found in the 'Course for Young Doctors'  (a lecture cycle which can be found here). This is symbolised by the Staff of Mercury, the individuals search for the Good and the awakening in communion of souls weaving. 

At the beginning of the conference we asked ourselves what it takes to be a good doctor, nurse or therapist and many different perspectives to this were offered. We heard about the meeting with the dark forces we are faced with in morden medicine and the love this task requires within our anthroposophic community. Stimulating questions on the will to heal and the courage to heal were asked and the necessity of the development of the Christ impulse, the trinity, in medicine was shared. We learnt that the New Mysteries are now possible due to a harmonising of karma and when we take on the responsibility of fire, we transform the evils in the earth out of love. The meditations and esoteric exercises in the course were also given space and a rich variety of workshops were held. 

Many tears were shed, hearts touched and questions asked. We felt we offered something authentic, carried in the Medical Section movement of the Goetheanum


Dialogue Videos


In preparation for our conference we have been having conversations with contributors to discuss their questions and important themes for them. Here is the link for the other videos, please fill out the contact form to ask for the password if you would like to watch them. Below is an interview with Albert Schmidli, a pharmacist who contributed to the online element of our conference.

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