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WELEDA Conference, 3 - 5 of May 2024

Weleda in partnership with YIAM, will host the 3rd out of 3 conferences on the 'Tria Principia', a key theme in the Course for Young Doctors which will have its  100th year anniversary in 2024. The first conference in 2022, focused on the Sal process, the second conference in 2023, on the Sulphur process and the third conference in 2024, will focus on the Mercury process. It is an amazing opportunity to be in the laboratory at Weleda, in order to experience some of the principles around these different processes, alongside many other essential sessions. The invitation is primarily aimed at young people in the fields of medicine and pharmacy, however, is also open to all  those in the field of healthcare at any age. Spaces are limited to 50 people.

The conference will be in German and if translation is necessary, please get in contact as soon as possible. 

For registration please contact:

Carolin Jansen:

or visit:

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