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IfAAM - Initiative for Educational
Support in Anthroposophic Medicine

We support young people interested in Anthroposophic Medicine during their vocational training.

IfAAM sponsors students of medicine, dentistry, psychology, pharmacy and in exceptional cases also from other professions, on their journey of developing skills and knowledge of Anthroposophic Medicine. The initiative aims to support students financially and/or through personal mentoring to overcome obstacles on their path towards learning and practicing Anthroposophic Medicine. The goal hereby is to provide resources for students who are themselves actively engaged in self development. Due to our location and funding sources, we currently primarily assist students located in Central Europe. 


Anthroposophy can contribute to medicine by complementing its natural sciences based approach with the holistic approach gained through a spiritual science based understanding of the human being. IfAAM strives to provide students better access to Anthroposophic Medicine, in order to contribute to the humanisation of modern medicine.

Available supports:

- Individual grants
- Scholarships
- Networking

- Connection to mentors
- Student meetings  (online and in person)

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